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Call for Nigeria Street Protests

ICC Note: An alliance of 25 opposition parties in Nigeria calls for national protests of election results.

4/23/07 Nigeria ( — “We have seen revolutions around the world, from Ukraine to the Philippines . We must replicate that,” Pat Utomi told the BBC, on behalf of 25 parties.

Outgoing President Olusegun Obasanjo has admitted the polls were flawed but says they should not be re-run.

Ruling party candidate Umaru Yar’Adua won by a landslide, according to official results.

Police were on high alert as the results were announced in the capital, Abuja .

Thousands of opposition supporters protested in the streets of the biggest northern city, Kano , but they were soon dispersed by police firing tear gas.

There are no reports of any protests on Tuesday.

Mr Utomi stressed that the protests should be peaceful and within the law.

‘No legal challenge’

European Union observers say the elections were a “charade” and any administration that resulted wouldnot have any legitimacy.

One Nigerian newspaper on Tuesday said their country had become a laughing stock.

“This is not the kind of Nigeria we dreamed of,” said the independent daily, The Nation. The EU says at least 200 people have died since campaigning began.

Opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari has told the BBC that he did not think Mr Yar’Adua would be sworn in as scheduled on 29 May but he did not give details of how this would be prevented….

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