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Assad Stifles the Christians of Syria and Lebanon

4/17/07 Syria Washington (AINA) — The Human Rights First organization published the below excerpts about the detention of Anwar al-Bouni in Adra prison outside Damascus. Al-Bouni is a Syrian Christian dissident calling for human rights and freedom. Another Christian dissident is Michel Kilo who has languished in jail under very austere and inhuman conditions. Both are accused of expressing freely their opinions. Al-Bouni, as a human rights lawyer, has defended hundreds of Syrians against all odds.

The Nancy Pelosi trip to Syria has done more damage to the Christians of Syria and Lebanon than is obvious. By sitting with a dictator who oppresses the Lebanese and Syrian Christians, Pelosi is in fact giving Assad a green light to oppress further. Not a word was uttered by her in defense of any Syrian dissident fighting for freedom in their homeland; people like Michel Kilo, Aref Dalilah, Anwar al-Bouni, and Kamal Labwani.

Furthermore, Assad stands accused of killing Gibran Tueini, George Hawi, and Pierre Gemayel all Lebanese Christians who stood against oppression and Syrian hegemony in their homeland; in addition, the Assads were responsible for the disappearance of about 17,000 Lebanese prisoners mostly Christians who vanished right after Assad marched into Beirut in 1976.

Both Christian communities in Syria and Lebanon have been instrumental in creating an environment of openness and co-existence in the region. Much of their exuberance in building bridges with the west and in holding the Levant area to higher standards of cooperation and enlightenment are being stifled by the Assad dictatorship. Syria and Lebanon owe a lot to the Christian communities of both countries.

Reform Party of Syria