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World Hindu Council (VHP) Demands Countrywide Anti-Conversion Bill

Global Council of Indian Christians

4/15/07 India (Persecution Update India) – CHANDIGARH : Noting that religious conversions were posing a threat to the existence of Hindus, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Saturday April 14th, demanded enactment of a law to ban such practices in the country.

Talking to reporters in Chandigarh, VHP leader Ashok Singhal said those people who had come from abroad to engineer conversions in the country should be sent back.

“Strict action should be taken against such persons,” he said without naming anyone.

“We will work with our might to stop conversions,” he said and referred to the Congress-ruled Himachal Pradesh enacting a law to ban conversions.

Other states, including Punjab should also follow suit, he said. He maintained that it was a crime to ask people to leave Hinduism and adopt other religions through forced conversions.

Expressing concern at the rise in female foeticide cases in the country, he alleged it is part of a conspiracy to reduce the population of Hindus.

Singhal said the controversial anti-Muslim CD, allegedly circulated by the BJP and banned by the election commission in view of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, should be shown to the entire country.

Dr. Sajan George, National President GCIC condemns these rantings of the VHP leader Ashok Singhal.

The VHP and the right-wing groups raise the issue of ‘conversion’ to deflect the pressing and urgent concerns of the citizens of India .

Christian Missionaries have worked selflessly and tirelessly for the upliftment and empowerment of the backward and marginalized people.

Education and Health have been given freely to the poorest of the poor irrespective of the caste and creed of the people. These social welfare programmes of the Christians have been done without any compensation and since the VHP cannot do any concrete service for the poor, they raise non-issues of conversion which are absolutely false and baseless.