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Christian Girl Gang-Raped on Easter, Police Trying to Keep it Quiet

4/16/07 Pakistan (CLAAS) – On April 12, 2007, Munir Masih son of Payara Masih informed Mr. Joseph Francis (National Director CLAAS) through a phone call that his youngest sister 12-year-old has been raped by four persons and she is in Lahore General Hospital in a critical condition. He also told that Police and doctors are not cooperating; rather, they are trying to suppress the matter.

Cheena daughter of Parara Masih, a 12-year-old Christian girl, has become the victim of gang rape on the day of Resurrection of Christ. She is living with her family at Awam Market, Ali Park, Ferozpur Road Lahore . On the 8th April 2007, at about 10:00 am, her older sister Bashiran, asked her to buy some goods from the shop close to their home.

On the way, four persons abducted her after making her unconscious. They took her to a factory warehouse and had been raping her for three day. During the first two days they kept her in the factory warehouse, and on the third day she was taken to the house of a woman, Nazia Bibi.

At the same time, her family had been looking for her. They approached the local police station Nishtar Town Lahore and submitted an application before the SHO (Station House Officer) but police did not help them. The next day, somehow, Munir got to know that about one of the culprits, namely Safdar, who is a factory worker at Bank Stop Chungi Amer Sidhu, Ferozpur Road Lahore . On April 10, 2007, Parara Masih and Munir Masih along with some respectable men reached the factory and caught Safdar. Being pressurized by the people, he admitted that Cheena was in his detention. He promised them to return her soon. On the same day, at 9:00 pm Safdar along with a woman namely Nazia let Cheena go home. On April 11, 2007, police arrested four culprits including Safdar from the factory.

The police did not lodge FIR because police needs Medical Report of Cheena. The poor Christian family faced much difficulty to get Cheena’s medical examination done on time because police showed negligence in this respect also.