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Another Two Bombs Explode in Poso

4/16/07 Indonesia (ICC) — 2 hand made bombs (pipe bombs) exploded in Poso last Saturday evening, April 14th, 2007. The first bomb exploded in the Sub-district of Poso, Pesisir, while the 2nd bomb exploded in the Christian Village of Kasiguncu, about 2 kilometers from the location of the 1st explosion. No victims were reported so far.

According to the Chief of Police for South East Sulawesi, Mr. Badrodin Haiti , the bomb is made from a pipe sealed with tape and filled with a metal part. “This is a message from fundamentalist group, to show us they still exist in Poso “ said Badrodin.

Another bomb was found in the yard of the Adventist Church of Poso, in the form of a flashlight. The bomb was secured by the police before it exploded.

The police arrested 17 members of a Muslim fundamentalist group in a raid on a Muslim village months ago, killing 9 of them in a daylight gun fight with the group, which countered the police attack with AK-47 and other assault rifles (including SS 1 and M16). The police lost 1 person during the raid. However, police are still looking for at least a dozen Muslim fundamentalist members who escaped the raid during that time.