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ICC Note: This incident is not about Christian persecution but we post it because it is representative of Islamic intolerance everywhere. The significant thing is that it happened in a Western county.

Islam critic beaten unconscious

4/16/07 Norway (Judeoscope) Norwegian-Somalian Kadra, who became famous in Norway for exposing Islamic clerics support of female circumcision, was beaten unconscious on Thursday.

Kadra was attacked and beaten senseless by seven or eight persons of Somali origin, newspaper VG reports.

“I was terrified. While I lay on the pavement they kicked me and screamed that I had trampled on the Koran. Several shouted Allah-o-akbar (God is great) and also recited from the Koran,” Kadra told VG.

Kadra linked the attack to recent remarks in VG where she said that the Koran’s views on women needed to be reinterpreted.

Kadra said that the gang of Somali men attacked her around 3 a.m. in downtown Oslo on Thursday. A medical examination found that she had several broken ribs, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports. Kadra filed charges and was due to speak with police on Friday.