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4/13/07 Vietnam (Montagnard Foundation) On 11 March 2007 a Degar Christian named Rahlan Pyap (age 32) from the village of Plei Hluh, commune Ia Grang, district Ia Grai, province Gia Lai received an order from the Vietnamese security police of Ia Grang commune to attend their office. When Rahlan Pyap arrived at the police station around 10 am that day the police grabbed him and pushed him into a car and drove him to the police station in the district of Ia Grai. Here, the security police told Rahlan Pyap that he must follow the government recognized religion of Siu Kim and Rcom Boi or they will severely punish him. He refused and the police began striking him with their fists and slapping his ears trying to break his eardrums. They also beat his face, abdominal region and kicked him all over his body until he became unconscious. The police repeatedly tortured him in this manner numerous times until he was released on 23 March 2007.