Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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4/13/07 Vietnam (Montagnard Foundation) On 5 April 2007 a Degar Christian named Rahlan Piom (age 31) from the village of Plei Com, commune Ia Grang, district Ia Grai, province Gia Lai was also arrested (as Siu Eng above) at approximately 6:30 am but by different security police (names unknown). The reason for the arrest was that he was a layman for his house church at his village who refused to join the official government recognized church. The security police took him to the police station at Ia Grai district and tortured him in the same way they did to Siu Eng. The security police mercilessly beat him using karate techniques, boxing, and kicking him until he became unconscious. He was bruised and battered and covered in blood from the beatings. On 7 April 2007 his family visited him and cried out loud when they saw his battered face. They brought him food but he was barely able to open his mouth still suffering from the beatings. Rahlan Piom is still imprisoned at the prison facility in the district of Ia Grai and the condition of his health is unknown.