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Christian Girls attacked distributing Gospel Tracts in south India

Global Council of Indian Christians

4/11/07 India (Persecution Update India) – Pastor David of Bkhta Sing Assembly along with a team of Sisters lead by Ms. Sarita are working in C.P Team in Madanapally, Chittoor Dist., Andhra Pradesh.

This morning 11th April, they went on an outreach program along with the Church pastors and members of their Bkhta Sing Assembly in the morning from 05:30am to 08:30am.

After completing and distributing literature they were returning to their accommodation and stopped for a cup of coffee.

Some of the Brothers, Believers from the group were standing nearby a Government Boys Hostel and on their way some of the church believers went in to teach some Christian songs.

Some RSS, BJP and ABVP activists who were in the locality began thrashing the brothers first and later attacked the sisters who were already sitting in a Van/Jeep.

The anti-Christian mob badly beat up the brothers, and the sisters were also beaten up but the wife of pastor stood with them and protected them.

Meanwhile some Muslim ladies came and started beating us, and some people started saying to the team leader Ms. Sarita that you look like a Muslim, why are you working to convert people to Christianity.

Later, the extremists burnt up all the Christian literature and called the press who came and took photos. They were around 70 people.