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North Korean Christians Need Our Support

By Dr. Carl Moeller

ICC Note: Please remember the North Koreans in prayer as every day they struggle to survive. They have no safe place to go and worship, there is always a risk of being caught and taken to prison and be treated as though you were not human.

4/12/07 North Korea For full story….(Christian Post)“I experienced life in prison twice and I was also brought to a labor camp once. I stayed there for three months until, with the help of another North Korean Christian, I was released. I had to labor for 18 hours a day in the most terrible circumstances.

“The leaders of the camp only provided meals two times a day, each time a cup with 90 pieces of boiled corn. I almost died of starvation and the unbearable, heavy work. Most of the prisoners were full of hatred and complained all day, but the Christians prayed and prayed, even though they were beaten terribly and were treated worse than others.

“One time I saw a Christian lady who was martyred terribly. They beat her over and over again since she didn’t stop praying. She died peacefully while praying to her Lord.”

Those are the words of a North Korean Christian who survived the horrors of prison.

It is believed that tens of thousands of Christians are currently suffering in North Korean prison camps. North Korea is suspected of detaining more political and religious prisoners than any other country in the world.

Portraits of Kim Il Sung fill the streets and statues of him tower high above the rooftops. All North Koreans and even tourists have to bow to his image. In a certain sense, the Communist Party is the source and the aim of life. The communists have even created their own trinity: Kim Il Sung (the father), Kim Jong Il (the son) and the Juche ideology, stating that every North Korean must provide for himself.

In this “communist paradise,” there are a few token churches to maintain the pretense of religion, but a Christian is not sure of his life.

Also, the living conditions in North Korea are horrific. Prices are high and people are starving. An estimated 2 to 3 million people have died over the past 10 years due to food shortages. Also, 15 percent of all children under 5 years old are malnourished.

Due to the lack of religious and other basic freedoms, Open Doors USA, a member of the North Korea Freedom Coalition (NKFC), is participating – along with many other organization members – in North Korea Freedom Week (NKFW) April 22-29.

The event brings together thousands of people from around the world to highlight the brutality of North Korea .

An Open Doors co-worker recently received a letter from a Christian inside North Korea – believers are still worshipping the One, True God despite the terrible conditions:

“Even though we live in separate countries, I would like to pay my respects to you in the grace of Jesus Christ. With your devoted support, we are able to live our lives of faith and continue with our Bible studies. Especially growth in faith and ideology have improved dramatically due to constant Bible reading, continuous studying and listening to the radio…

“Everything was possible because God gave up his only Son and has given us His love and grace, and also because of your dedicated care and love for us. I will fully devote myself to educating new workers and to serving the believers until the end of my days.”