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CORRECTION – No Believers Killed in Slum Bulldozing

From Gospel for Asia

4/30/07 India (Gospel for Asia) – No one was killed when a local government bulldozed a slum in India ’s Gujarat state on March 3.

Gospel for Asia had reported that a Christian man was killed when he tried to stop the demolition of his hut. Further investigation of the story revealed that the original report was in error, and that while it was true that the slum had been demolished, the only fatalities were among some sheep.

The government had given advance notice to the slum dwellers, who were squatters on the land, that the area was going to be cleared and that they would have to move. With no place to go, they stayed, and their huts were flattened. There were GFA-related believers among those displaced.

While Gujarat has become a focal point for the persecution of Christians, no religious motive was attributed to the clearing of this particular slum area.