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ICC Note: We wanted to post this article because it reveals something about the nature of Islam. These killings are quite normal and most probably this father was not crazy but rather following the norms of Islamic culture. If this is how Islam treats its daughters how does it treat infidels in its midst? The answer is obvious.
Dad kills daughter in new Jordan “honour” crime

4/11/07 Jordan/Islam (for the full story go to Khaleej Times) – A prosecutor has charged a Jordanian man with murdering his daughter for “honour” after forcing her to undergo an abortion for a pregnancy out of wedlock, the Jordan Times reported on Tuesday.

The criminal prosecutor charged the 68-year-old suspect with premeditated murder after he shot dead his 26-year-old daughter on Monday “for reasons related to family honour,” the daily said.

The victim was shot six times in the head and the neck and when police arrived at their home, the suspect “fired several rounds in the air, saying he was celebrating the killing of his daughter,” one official said.

“I have cleared the family’s name and cleansed my honour,” the official quoted the suspect as saying, the newspaper said.

According to the report, the victim was allegedly involved with a married man and two weeks ago her family discovered she was pregnant.

“The family… arranged for her to undergo an abortion and an operation to restore her virginity,” and then locked her up at home before the suspect shot her dead, the source said.