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Accusations of proselytism against Christians : they give 500 dollars to every Muslim who converts
by Benteng Reges

ICC Note: These accusations are probably a way to put more Christians in prison for something they didn’t do.

4/6/07 Indonesia For full story…..(AsiaNews) – There is increased tension in Bandung , West Java , between the Islamic Division for Anti-Proselitysm Action (DAP) and the local Pasundan Christian Church (GKP), accused of paying local Muslims to convert to Christianity.

The two parties met on April 4 to discuss the situation. During the meeting, explained Suryana –an executive member of the DAP from the local Indonesian Ulemas Council—the GKJ was strongly believed to have had carried out the proselytism among local Muslim residents in Cisewu in the Garut Regency and in Pangauban in the Bandung Regency. “They carry out this illegal action by giving at least five million rupiahs (500USD), to any Muslim who has been successfully converted to Christianity”. Suryana then asked the GKP for clarification of the issue, which will be discussed before the police in Bandung April 10th next, with “concrete proof” of the charges according to the DAP. Aam a local priest from the GKP said that the meeting concluded without a clear commitment or agreement from both parties.

Since 2005 in West Java there has been a marked increase in violence and fundamentalist moves against the Christian communities there, above against the so called illegal domestic churches, which are often forced to close under threats because they fail to obtain the necessary permits to build their places of worship.