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Late Report: Mob Attacks Christians Making Christmas Visits in Hubli Village

Global Council of Indian Christians

3/25/07 India (Persecution Update India) – In late reports reaching our office, Mr. Halappa Iragar of Belave village, Hukkeri Taluk, Balgaum District, has written to GCIC informing us of an attack by the villagers of Revadihal village, Hubli district, on 19th December 2006.

Iragar reports that on 19th December he with some five other Christians paid a visit to a Christian home in Revadihal village in connection with the approaching Christmas festival. Iragar worked as the warden in the COM orphanage – a Christian mission – about 500 kms away. They went there in the van belonging to the orphanage. While they were praying in the home of Ms. Devadanamma, about 8-10 persons from the villages, upon seeing them, concluded that they had come to do evangelism with a view to converting the villagers. They barged into the house, closed the doors and beat them up and abused them very badly. After a couple of hours, Iragar managed to get out of the house and ran to the vehicle. He found that it had been struck on the body, causing extensive damage and also had shattered the glass panes and windshield. The tyres had also been deflated. As he came to the vehicle the group again ran to him and punched him. After several hours the group which was still incarcerated in the house was rescued by others. A complaint was filed in the Hubli rural police station, and Iragar was sent for medical examination. The Revadihal villagers filed a counter complaint against the Christians saying that they were indulging in conversion activities and had attacked two of them.

The local press reported the incident extensively.

Iragar has written to GCIC informing us of the incident and requesting prayer and support for his ministry. Following the incident, he has shifted to Belave village, Hukkeri Taluk, Belgaum district.