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South Sudan Malakal still facing insecurity threats

ICC NOTE: Demarcations of borders in South Sudan are still not agreed upon by the SPLM and the NCP because of oil in these regions. In these regions of concern, troops from both sides exist, and in this case violence has occurred – the greatest violation of the CPA since it was signed in January of 2005. The SAF belongs to the Northern government and has been accused of harassing civilians of Malakal.

3/27/07 Sudan For the full article (Sudan Tribune) The residents of Malakal, capital of Upper Nile are still experiencing insecurity due to regular conflict between SPLA and SAF soldiers and SAF-allied militias in the area.

Sudanese FVP Salva Kiir addresses hundreds of his supporters in Malakal , Sudan , on Dec 5, 2006 (Reuters)A high-placed source in Malakal, who asked not to be named, told Sudan Radio Service that every evening there are gunshots coming from the area of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) military headquarters.

The source also told Sudan Radio Service (SRS) that militia who are currently part of the SAF continue to harass civilian within the town.

Fighting between former rebel SPLA and government forces and its allied militias killed more than 150 people and wounded at least 400 in Malakal last November.

Aid workers said the fighting began when a government-allied militia tried to kill a local leader of the SPLM in Malakal, a port town about 400 miles south of Sudan ’s capital, Khartoum .