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Radical Muslims: Christian Killers Jailed

by Grant Swank

ICC Note: Here is some more on the muslim militants who beheaded the 3 Christian girls. It also talks about the dangers of Islam

3/23/07 Indonesia For full story….(Conservative Voice) Remember the three Christian girls going home from school, walking through a meadow, then beheaded by extremist Muslims who leapt at them from the bushes?

The killers got 14 to 20 years in prison, per AP’s Irwan Firdaus.

The girls were slain, then their bloodied heads were dumped in nearby villages as warnings to other Christians to behave.

“Hasanuddin, 34, who goes by a single name, was sentenced to 20 years for masterminding the 2005 attack, and co-conspirators Lilik Purnomo, 28, and Irwanto Irano, 29, each got 14 years.

” Indonesia , the world’s most populous Muslim nation, has been hit by a string of terrorist attacks in recent years targeting local Christians and nightclubs, restaurants and foreign embassies.”

It takes a large percentage wanting civility. It takes but a few dozen to bring down the neighborhoods with daily explosives. The minority rules with killing power. In Iraq , that killing power will be with us for decades to come. Nothing can stop it. It is the nature of militant Islam. It is the very core of the Koran. It is the warp and woof of prophet Mohammed’s teachings and lifestyle.

That is why the United States cannot afford to permit Muslims to come into this country. One never knows who is a potential terrorist. Not all terrorists are low-lifes. There are scores of so-called intellectuals who are terrorists and would do anything to further Islam World Rule. Take, for instance, those staffing the web site and organization for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

When Muslims take dead seriously the Koran, many turn extremist, vowing to take over the planet for Allah, even if that means their own lives and the destinies of their children.

Indonesia now does not know what to do with this disease called “terrorism from Muslim extremists.” The don’t know what to do with the small clot of street butchers. Indonesia could very turn into another Iraq ’s quandary. It could turn into another Sudan .

“The grisly nature of the beheadings, which occurred as the children were cutting through a cocoa plantation on their way to school, gave fresh impetus to the country’s war on terrorism and was followed by scores of arrests.”

Note the so-called rationale for such light sentences handed the guilty threesome for their barbaric crimes: “The three militants had faced a maximum penalty of death by firing squad, but judges ruled that they deserved some leniency for cooperating with authorities, confessing and showing remorse.

“Siregar told the Central Jakarta District Court that Hasanuddin ordered the slayings and helped dumped their girls’ heads in three Christian-dominated villages. Purnomo and Irano were found guilty of ‘ambushing and beheading’ the teens.”

Christians obviously have a very rough time of it in Indonesia . Elsewhere, it is impossible for Christians to remain in Iraq today. Most have fled the country for safe turf.

“More than 90 percent of Indonesia’s 220 million people are Muslims, but Central Sulawesi province — the scene of religious clashes that left at least 1,000 people dead from 1998 to 2002 — has a roughly equal number of Muslims and Christians.”