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Christian explosion” among Chinese intellectuals, expert finds

ICC Note: Here is an article about the how Christian fellowships are becoming more popular in universities in China . If the government finds out they are not abiding by the only legal church it could prove to have some consequences for them.
3/23/07 China For full story…(Catholic News) Christian fellowships are now active in most Chinese universities, resulting in a “Christian explosion” that has “reshaped the religious landscape” in the communist country, a British academic has found.
“Today it is an open secret that Christian fellowships – a new kind of ‘house church’, run by Chinese professors and students, are active in most Chinese universities,” according to Edmond Tang, from the University of Birmingham, editor of the new-look China Study Journal to be launched next Monday, Independent Catholic News reports.
Anglican Bishop David Urquhart, who will help launch the journal, said: “It can be very hard to find and source accurate information about life and the Church in China . This journal provides an invaluable and authoritative link and will be of immense value to a wide cross-section of people.”
The China Study Journal is an initiative of the China Desk, an office of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland in cooperation with the Department of Theology, University of Birmingham .
The publication has its roots in a research project begun in the 1970s at the height of the Cultural Revolution, a period when China was cut off from the outside world, when churches and other religious organizations in China were forbidden, and when religious persecution was rife.