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Persecution of Christian Montagnards in Vietnam

ICC Note: We must continue our support of the Christians in Vietnam as they will keep undergoing severe persecution. We must fight to have Vietnam returned to the CPC list.

3/23/07 Vietnam For more information….(ISHR) Severe discrimination and persecution of Protestants, who belong to ethnic minorities, is every day life in the Socialist Repulic of Vietnam Church services and unregistered worship assemblies are prohibited.

Montagnards – a collective term for all mountain peoples in Vietnam – were forced to renounce from their Christian religion. Persons that resisted were publicly denounced at village assemblies.

Especially in times of the Christian holidays such as Easter or Christmas, army and police regularly inspect houses, fields and forests in order to disturb the celebrations. Active church members are put under house arrest and hindered in their freedom of movement.

Repeated house searches, regular interrogations, arbitrary detentions and the strong presence of special police units, create an atmosphere of fear and terror in the villages. While interrogations victims were forced to stand on one leg for hours or were abused respectively tortured.