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Catholic priest robbed, beaten in Kosovo

ICC Note: This is more evidence that religious violence in Kosovo is not merely directed at the Serbian Orthodox Church, but is targeting Christians of all backgrounds.

3/20/07 Serbia/Kosovo ( – A Catholic Priest, Don Lush Gjergji was attacked and robbed by unknown people in the UN administered Serbian province of Kosovo , reports UN media monitoring service.

The robbery took place on the Sunday morning, in the Catholic Church near Vitia.

According to Police commander in Vitia, Afrim Halili, the robbers entered in the Priest room through the roof of the building attached to the church, harassing the Priest and causing injuries to his body.

Halili said that police reacted immediately after they got the information, but the robbers managed to escape from the site.

“People who attacked the priest, were masked and armed, and during their robbery, they hit the priest with the rifle butt”, Kosovo Albanian paper Koha Ditore quoted Tadej Ramaj, a relative of the priest, as saying.

Over 150 Churches have been demolished in Kosovo since the Muslim Albanian uprising in 1999.

Kosovo Government and municipal authorities strongly condemned the attack, calling it an attack against the religion and all the people of Kosovo, papers read.