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Pastors arrested in Madhya Pradesh

Global Council of Indian Christians

3/17/07 India (Persecution Update India) – Khargon district in Madhya Pradesh rose to ignominy with the rape of Baisa and Rakhy, and again enacted a midnight knock reminiscent of the Gestapo of the Fascist regime – by arresting Pastor Juan Singh Sesobia (24 yrs) and Thogabai (25 yrs) from Forba in Chenapur polce limits on the night of March 16th. A case under 295 A is registered against the poor pastor (295 A: “Deliberate and Malicious acts,” intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious believes – punishable by imprisonment unto 3 yrs).

When contacted by GCIC supporters, the Asst. Sub Inspector Kharadi expressed his inability to help as the instruction to detain the pastor came from senior police officers on behalf of the local Hindu radical leader Mr Thakkur.

Please contact Supdt. Of Police Mr Rakesh Gupta -09425108714 and Addl SP. Anil Singh Pushba 0942511224 demanding release of the pastors.

If the bail is denied the pastors may not be able to carry on the worship on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday also happen to be holidays in Madhya Pradesh. The whole Government machinery in the Central state of Madhya Pradesh is orchestrated by the radical Hindus to intimidate the tiny Christian population. Buckled under pressure to target Christians the police and bureaucrats are neglecting their constitutional obligation to uphold the Constitutional guarantees given to all citizens in the republic of India . Madhya Pradesh is becoming a lawless state and is now like a banana republic. Reporting of incidents in the Ratlam mission hospital by vernacular press and some of the electronic media show the sad demise of the role of the Fourth estate (one of the pillars of democracy) in India .

We urge the civil society to wake up from the deep slumber to help the tiny Christians community.