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Extremists Disrupt Believers’ Meeting

From Gospel for Asia

3/13/07 India (ANS) – Anti-Christian extremists disrupted a convention for members of Gospel for Asia-affiliated Believers Church in India on Feb. 20. The incident occurred in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, where Christian persecution has become commonplace. The state even has an anti-conversion law aimed at preventing the majority Hindu population from becoming Christian or converting to Islam.

Pastors Jamir Hansda, Karnapriya Bano and Bhushan Kour were leading the convention, which included several days of preaching and teaching.

Through his ministry in Chhattisgarh, Pastor Jamir has established 4 churches with a total membership of more than 400 people. He is also an area overseer with responsibility for 27 individual churches, a home Bible school and a bridge of hope center.

The convention was going well, until the final day, when a handful of anti-Christian extremists entered the convention grounds and began stirring up trouble. They accused Jamir, Karnapriya and Bhushan of forcing people to convert to Christianity. They also threatened the men with physical harm if they did not immediately leave the convention grounds and return to their own villages.

The extremists grabbed the pastors by their collars and tried to beat them up. But several believers at the convention came to the aid of the pastors, and spirited them away to a safe room in the convention hall.

Once he was in a safe place, Pastor Jamir did the one thing he knew would work—he began to pray, asking God to intervene in the situation. He knew firsthand that prayer was a powerful and effective tool. Before he surrendered his life to ministry, Jamir had asked a Christian minister to join him in prayer for his baby daughter, who was on her deathbed. The child was completely healed and Jamir received Jesus as his Savior.

As the pastors and the believers were praying, the extremists abandoned their task and left the convention grounds. The believers and pastors were able to safely conclude the meeting and return to their homes without attracting the attention of the extremists.

Pastor Jamir requests prayer for the believers in Chhattisgarh. In spite of ongoing persecution and the anti-conversion laws, many are receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior. He also asks for prayer that the extremists who disrupted the meeting would open their hearts to the Word of God.