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Christian worker beaten for distributing tracts in Bangalore

Global Council of Indian Christians

3/8/07 India (Persecution Update India) – Bro. Bhaskar, was saved about 20 years ago, after he was healed from severe convulsions by the ministry of a devout sister who prayed for his healing. Ever since, he has been serving the Lord by distributing tracts, which he gets from his pastor, on the streets of Bangalore . He has been beaten many times as he does this ministry.

The latest instance was when, on 7th March 2007 he gave a few tracts out to some young ladies passing by on Hennur Road in Lingarajapuram, Bangalore . Before handing the tracts over, he asked them what language they could read, and gave them the tract in their language. Seeing him do this, two men who were passing by on a scooter stopped, and questioned him. One pushed him against the wall and held his hands while another punched him twice on the face and said, “Why are you giving these people tracts? If we see you doing this again we will get you arrested by the police.” They got on their scooter and left. Dazed, Bhaskar did not even note the number of the scooter. There were no others passing by who saw this.

As Bhaskar was still shell-shocked, an acquaintance, Sagai, came by, noticed him looking unwell, and asked why. On learning the reason, he took him to a nearby place of worship (to which the assailants belonged) and complained. The people there said they did not know who had assaulted Bhaskar, and that they did not approve of the violence.