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RSS activists beat up Christians near Ratlam

Police supportive of the Christians

Global Council of Indian Christians

3/7/07 India (Persecution Update India ) – In Tehsil Salayana, there is a church started by Pastor Binoy Kuriakose. They had three believer families in that village, 17 km from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh.

On 6th March Pastor Binoy Kuriakose and 10 of his teammates were distributing some Christian literature in two groups. They went to about 150 homes and distributed the book by My hope India . Suddenly RSS and Bajrang dal people came and started beating up the members of one group, and one of the group informed Pastor Binoy.

Just as Pastor Binoy was about to leave, the RSS activists reached where he was and began to beat up Pastor and his group too. They all went into a house and locked themselves up in a room. Pastor Binoy called the police from there on the mobile and the police rushed to the spot. The Sub-inspector was briefed on the incident, and he took them to the police station. The SI asked them not to file an FIR for fear that the RSS would blow up the issue and cause the Pastor and his team behind bars.

Pastor Binoy was injured on his head, shoulders and legs. Rajeev, (35) was beaten on his neck and has a swelling, Vijay (33) got hurt on his head and chest and had to be given intravenous drip.

The same day the RSS planted a report in the media alleging that the group asked them to come for a meeting in Ratlam, where the “head bishop” would be present, and those who embrace Christianity will be given Rs. 2lakh each, which was a totally false report. The police however was very supportive, and the person in charge of the station said “There was no report of allurement, but the group just distributed their books. Every one has a right to propagate their faith.”

Praise God for his protection and for the support of the Police officials. Pray for the early recovery of all the injured persons.