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SLMP for stay on Christian’s execution

ICC Note: Pakistan ought to treat Christian prisoners the same as they do Muslim ones; if Muslims can get a stay of their execution during Mah-a-Ramzan or in Muhram-al-Haram, Muslim holy days, then Christians should be able to get a stay on their execution during Lent.

2/27/07 Pakistan (Daily Times) – The Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan (SLMP), a non-government organisation working for prisoners’ rights, appealed on Monday to delay the death sentence of Aslam Masih.

SLMP’s chief coordinator, Sohail Johnson said Aslam Masih, a resident of Samanabad, is scheduled be executed on February 28. Aslam was convicted under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code for murdering one Iqbal Masih of the Gowalmandi area. The incident occurred reportedly because of a family dispute eight years ago.

Johnson said that the SLMP was appealing because Aslam Masih was a Christian and was currently observing a fast. The fasts would continue till April 7, he added. He said that the organisation was appealing to the government to at least delay Aslam’s sentence during fasting.