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Pastor Fernandez lives in fear of arrest

Global Council of Indian Christians

3/1/07 India (Persecution Update India ) – Pastor Fernandez, an independent Pastor in Badlapur, Maharashtra was falsely accused of trying to convert a villager.

Pastor Fernandez has a small congregation which assembles in his house for Prayers and Bible study.

A few months ago, one of the villagers, Lakshmi Shetty, who has a mentally handicapped daughter, requested Pastor Fernandez to cure her child.

For more than 3 months she attended Sunday worship and when there was no improvement in her daughter’s condition, she falsely accused the Pastor of pressurizing her to convert to Christianity under the influence of third parties.

Lakshmi Shetty then registered a complaint in the local Police station against the Pastor on 26th February. Pastor Fernandez is living in fear of imminent arrest and stage managed “Media trial.”

Dr. Sajan George, National President, Global Council of Indian Christians denounces this false complaint registered against the Pastor.

Pastor Fernandez is innocent of these charges, the mother was desperate to seek a remedy for her child and when nothing could be done to cure her mental illness- registered absolutely baseless charges against the Pastor.