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Bible college students brutally attacked by radicals

Global Council of Indian Christians

2/28/07 India (Persecution Update India) – Today, at about 4 PM (28th Feb), around 500 radicals have forcefully entered into the campus of Believers Church Bible College & and heir Office at KUTABAGA, RAMPUR COALIARY, BRAJARAJNAGAR, JHARSUGUDA DISTRICT of Orissa and have ransacked the complex, beaten the staffs & the students, injured many of them one by one too till last one hour.

On their report at the local Police station, the Inspector in charge(IIC) arrived there with only 4/5 police men who became the silent spectators of the continued atrocities on the believers.

GCIC on the victim’s phone call at 0630PM, has prayed first God’s security over there & guidance & contacted all the concerned higher officials of the State Police department & approached them to immediately send/depute police platoon to the spot and by God’s grace, it was organized and the force has already reached there. The IIC and District Superintendent of Police present there has assured us just now to give absolute/sufficient protection to our believers & control the situation for which we need not worry any more but the situation prevailing there is totally beyond control & tensed at present.

The tormentors have also disrupted the electric supply by disconnecting, cutting all the electric wires and hence most of the areas in the said campus are charged as I have been reported.

GCIC has also advised the local IIC to lodge F.I.R & take statement of the injured persons, do medical examination of the injury for record on the spot itself & he has assured us to do so today.

GCIC has also consoled & comforted the victim believers & is organising prayer mobilisation throughout the State with a request to please organise the same at National & International level.

GCIC at present is in regular touch with the concerned victim believers & the Police force deployed there guarding them.

Please pray for the officials and believers.