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Church under Construction Destroyed In Slum

Global Council of Indian Christians

2/23/07 India (Persecution Update India) – Eastern Indian state of Orissa, continue to pursue hate and destruction against Christians. In yet another case of attack on Christians, radical Hindus owing allegiance to the neo fascist hindutva forces demolished Mission India church under construction in Niladeri Bihar slum in the suburbs of Bhubaneswar on [Feb] 22nd at 11pm. The Christian believers in the slum are being intimidated and threatened by the radicals.

In a related development the Gideons were asked to discontinue the distribution of bibles in Orissa. A high ranking police officials summoned one of the Gideon functionaries are threatened him to stop distribution of bible. The officer has confessed that he is making this demand on behalf of the Hindu radicals in the state cabinet.