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ICC Note: This is not about persecution but it does touch on why mcuh of Islam is getting crazier and is a great word of reproof.
Come, Lord Jesus, But Not Too Soon
Jan Markell

2/22/2007 Islam (OliveTree) What is motivating the Muslims around the world and particularly in Iran and Iraq to cause violence, death, and destruction? A simple five-word explanation: The return of the Mahdi. He is the Muslim messiah who is supposed to return to earth possibly as soon as this March. Iran ‘s Ahmadinejad is obsessed with the Mahdi. Iraq ‘s cleric al-Sadr, having fled to Iran to avoid the surge, says, ” America ‘s primary purpose for the war is preventing the return of the Mahdi.”

This is no small offense! It doesn’t matter that the non-Muslim world thinks this is nonsense. It only matters that parts of the Islamic world will go to any length to hasten it. Thus, on earth we have a war of biblical proportions with Islamofascism.

Some Muslims I sense are anticipating the return of this fake messiah more than some Christians long for the return of the true Messiah. What is wrong with this picture?

Over a year ago Christianity Today ran a story I will never forget. It was titled, “Come, Lord Jesus, but Not Too Soon.” You can read between the lines of the story. Some were saying, “I want to enjoy life here a bit longer”; I want to see my kids and grandkids grow up and get married”; “I’m just not ready to say ‘good-bye’ to this life quite yet”; or the classic, “People have been predicting the Lord’s return for centuries, yet it has never happened,” which is just another way of saying, “Those goofy date-setters spoiled it for me.” I have always said, shame on the date-setters.

If Muslims can be revved up by their Mahdi’s soon return, why are some Christians too earthly minded to care one whit about Jesus’ return? He is the “blessed hope” of Titus 2:13. Or maybe they care, but earthly business for now comes first.

I am not painting with a broad brush. I am encouraged by the e-mails I get from people waiting, longing, and praying for His return! There is a special crown for all those who long for His appearing (2 Tim. 4:8). Many of you will have it but I would like to see all Christians get that crown. Yet, the majority remain apathetic and lukewarm and Jesus does not say good things in Revelation about those who are lukewarm, about anything, and most of all, His return.

Just watch some sports fans today. They are about out of their minds with enthusiasm. So are the Muslims about the Mahdi. But many Christians are out of their minds with earthly pleasures and even suggest that Jesus delay His return.

So the enemy is having a field day with Muslims getting them to believe a lie, and he is scoring big points with Christians to make them apathetic about the truth.

Don’t be totally discouraged. The “last days” are compared to “the days of Noah.” Nobody wanted to hear Noah’s warnings either. They laughed and scoffed and ignored the thunder in the distance. Thus, such an atmosphere leading up to His return should be expected. In the Bible, the “signs of the times” are usually negative but that does NOT mean that we need to be!