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ICC: Muslim tolerance at work again. The intolerance and double standards of Islam are glaring and would be laughable if they didn’t cause so many of other faiths to suffer.
Love rumour sparks Muslim-Christian clash in Egypt

2007-02-13 Egypt (For the full story, go to Reuters) – Groups of Egyptian Muslims set fire to Christian-owned shops in southern Egypt after hearing rumours of a love affair between a Muslim woman and a Coptic Christian man, security sources and a witness said on Tuesday.

Eight Muslim men were arrested in the town of Armant , around 600 km (375 miles) south of Cairo , on suspicion of taking part in arson attacks on four stores and a mini-van owned by Coptic Christians, the security sources said.

The rumours began on Saturday and calm was restored by Tuesday, with security forces deployed in the town as a precaution, one security official said.

Traditional Islamic law allows Muslim men to marry Christian women but not Christian men to marry Muslim women. Romances across the divide are one of the main sources of tension between Egypt ‘s two main religious communities.

Hala Botros, a Christian blogger from the region, said Copts in Armant were still scared to leave their homes.