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Suspect Extremists behind Stanley ‘s Murder in Kerala

2/15/07 India (SVM News) – An innocent Christian, S. Stanley , 58, brutally murdered for his faith on Saturday afternoon, the 10th of February in Thiruvanandapuram, the capital city of Kerala in India .

Mr. Stanley and his family are members of Rev. & Mrs. Devasahayam Memorial C.S.I. (Church of South India ) Church, Kalliyoor. They are one of the keys to spiritual activities and a very active member in the church. The entire congregation and their vicar Rev.Christudas are shocked at his brutal murder.

Stanley is commonly known as Samkutty. He was stabbed five times in both side of his necks, back and stomach by a strong cutting knife at his house, for which his wife Sisiletbai was witness.

Mr. Stanley (Samkutty) resided at Pavaloor near Kalliyoor in Thiruvanadapuram City . This places comes under Nemom Police Station. He and his wife Sisiletbhai were both retired binders of the Kerala Public Service Commission. They have two daughters Sherin and Celine who are married and are mothers for two children each.

Stanley ’s wife, children, and their husbands are still shocked on the death of their loved one, and they have not recovered from it. When Rev. Paul Ciniraj, Co-ordinator of the GLOBAL COUNCIL OF INDIAN CHRISTIANS (GCIC) and the Chairman of the Christian Ministers of the Churches in India (CMCI) visited Mrs. Stanley at her resident, though she was on bed yet made it to meet Paul Ciniraj.

“We tend to think that our houses is the safest place and we do not have to be afraid, but it is hard for us when we know being killed by others at our own house is a great tragedy”. Sisiletbai (Mrs. Stanley) said.

She explained about the incident, which is shocking for all of us too. During the afternoon when they were taking rest after lunch, there were three youths who were all drunk, among which she knows two of them . One of them named Lalu (30) who is the son of V. Soman a retired police constable, and the other named Akhil (30) living in the neighboring houses came and stood in front of the house, and started using slang words (bad language) abusing them, and hit the gate with full force and anger.

Seeing this Mr. Stanley went out and politely asked them to go away from there. This made them even more angry and violent and they started using slang on Christ and started abusing Christians.

Mr. Stanley could not tolerate this and he went inside his house to telephone the police, immediately Lalu ran to his house and brought with him a strong cutting knife, and stabbed him to death.

Watching this Mrs. Stanley stopped Lalu and asked him “child, what enmity do we have with each other? Why do you want to kill us? He had no answer to the question, but he started beating Mrs. Stanley up and pushed her to one corner.

While she talks about the incident, she has her husband’s photo in her hand and weeps throughout the time.

The daughters of Mr. Stanley cried out loud and said that their Daddy fallen down near his scooter which was kept in the back room of the inside house. They saw his large and small intestines came out.

Jeyakumar the Son-in- law of Samkutty says that both Lalu and Akhil are professional rowdies. Few days ago when he was having a conversation with Lalu, he asked Lalu, how would he escape from the police after an attack or murder? This is what Lalu said, that they would hide themselves at the RSS – SHIVSENA office, as the police would never come there.

“There could be extremists behind the murder of my father-in-law, as we had no problems with the three youths or their families”, Jeyakumar told to Rev. Ciniraj.

“It seems the cutting knife is strong and purposely made for the murder”, Vincent, Stanley ‘s another son-in-law said.

Rev. Ciniraj noticed a group a police camping at the area. He went up to them and asked why they were camping there even after four days of the incident. They said that the murdered man was from one religion and the murderer was from another, so as a precaution against other communal incidents they are there. When Paul Ciniraj asked them if they think it’s a case to do with persecution of Christians, they had no answer and they denied answering him.

Please remember the family in your prayers.