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Crippled from torture and Abuse

2/15/07 Vietnam (Montagnard Foundation) Ksor Cun was born in 1970 from the village of Ploi Ring , commune of Ha Bau, district of Dak Doa, province of Gialai . On August 20, 2004, the Security Police (Cong An) arrested, tortured and took him to the prison site T-20 Ploi Ku. While staying in prison, they beat Ksor Cun and on two occasions he passed out. Then on April 24, 2005, they took Ksor Cun to court in Ploi Ku, province of Gia Lai for a trial and he was sentenced 8 years to prison because of his participation in 2001 peaceful demonstrations. He is now imprisoned at the prison facility Trai Ba-Sao in the province of Ha Nam . According to his family, he and many other Degar prisoners at Trai Ba Sao prison facility are now crippled and suffering from damage done to their internal body organs while being tortured by the Vietnamese security police.