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Beaten, tortured, crippled on the verge of death

2/14/07 Vietnam (Montgnard Foundation) Bom (Jona) was born in 1956, from the village of Ploi Kueng Grai , commune of Ha Bau, district of Dak Doa, province of Gia-Lai. Bom was arrested and tortured on February 6, 2001 for participating in the peaceful demonstrations of February 2001. On September 26, 2001 he was tried at a local court in Gialai province and sentenced to 12 years in prison. They charged him with attempting to overthrow the Vietnamese government and trumped up charges of wanting to be province chief of Pleiku province. He is currently imprisoned at the prison facility of Trai Ba-Sao in Nam Ha, province of Ha Nam . In prison, the Vietnamese security forces repeatedly tortured him by beating, kicking, punching and hanging him upside-down until he became unconscious. He can no longer feel or move one of his legs. Bom is in a fragile state mentally and physically. According to his family report, today his body is like a skeleton due to lack of proper nutrition and severe torture.