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Anti-Christian Public Protest Meeting in Polonnaruwa

2/9/07 Sri Lanka (National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka) – The meeting (reported on the 9th February 2007) was held as planned. However, it is reported that the numbers that attended the meeting were less than expected; totalling about 150 persons. Observers attributed this to Police presence and action to prevent any breach of peace or violence.

During the meeting, it had been decided that Christian clergy will be strongly advised to resign and stop Christian activity in the region or face consequences, for which the organizers of the protest will not be responsible.

Such an ultimatum violates the freedom of religion and freedom of worship guaranteed to all citizens under the law.

Should there be any acts of violence or threats against Christian citizens residing in this region, the finger will undoubtedly point at the organizers and instigators of the above mentioned meeting. The actions of those who instigate and promote violence in the guise of religious fervor must be investigated and dealt with, irrespective of their religious affiliations.