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Not a day goes by without severe Pain – internal organ damage from torture

2/9/07 Vietnam (Montgnard Foundation) Ksor Rik was born in 1970, from the village of Bong Ngol , commune of An-Phu, district of Thanh Pho Ploi Ku in the province of Gialai . He participated in the peaceful demonstrations of 2001 and the security police arrested him on September 8, 2004. When they arrested him, they tortured him severely by beating, kicking, shocking, and punching him in a calculated way they deliberately aimed at his internal organs and fatal spots in order for him to suffer and die a slow death. At the present time, Ksor Rik is imprisoned at the prison facility Trai Ba Sao. The Vietnamese security forces constantly beat Ksor Rik where he suffered internal damage to his heart, lung, pancreas, and liver. Not a day goes by that Ksor Rik is not in pain. Like every other Degar prisoner wife, Ksor Rik’s wife became sick and cannot eat, drink and sleep because she keeps thinking of her husband. She believes her husband will soon die because of internal pain that he has to endure and there is no medical care that has been provided for him.