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Eritrean Authorities Disrupts Christian Weddings and Mournings

ICC NOTE: Currently there are an estimated 2000 Christian detained in Eritrea , with reports of torture and even death.

( London 02-06-07) Release Eritrea Eritrean Authorities disrupted a wedding and detained, the groom, his bride and about thirty of their close relatives.

On Sunday 4th of February the couple were concluding their wedding celebrations when members of the Eritrean police and security forces barged into the house arresting everyone there.

The incident comes on the wake of yet another arrest of a Pastor from Muluwongel church (full gospel church) in Asmara . Pastor Habtom Tesfa –Michael, was arrested, during the mourning of a member of his wife’s family. He was detained following a visit to a police station, where he was told to go and report, by security officers who called at his home.

Dr Berhane Asmelash, director of Release Eritrea, a human rights organisation based in London UK, said ‘weddings and funerals are now the only times when members of the Christian Community from the minority Churches meet, these are not public meetings nor are they functions of the church they are private functions held in private homes, this is an incursion on the private life of innocent law abiding people, who are going about their private life in spite of all the other restrictions put on them, I condemn these illegal actions by the government of Eritrea’.