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Hung Upside down and Electric shock tortured

2/8/07 Vietnam (Montgnard Foundation) Lat was born in 1964, from the village of Ploi Na-Prong , commune of Cu-A, district of Thanh Pho Ploi Ku, province of Gialai . The Vietnamese security force (cong an) arrested him on July 15, 2002 at around 12 noon for possessing a cell-phone and accused him of sending information to the Montagnard Foundation. The security police took him to the police station (Don # 3). There, the police tied him up and hung him upside down and tortured him by beating him with batons and their fists, kicking him with their military boots, and shocking him with electricity until blood came out of his mouth, eyes, and ears and he completely passed out. After the beating, they sent Lat to the prison facility T-20 for imprisonment. On November 20, 2003 Lat was tried at the local court in the province of Gialai and he was sentenced 7 years to prison. The trumped up charges were: 1. That Lat wanted to overthrow the government of Hanoi and that he wanted to be the province chief of Gialai province

Lat is now imprisoned at the prison facility Trai Ba Sao, in the province of Ha Nam . According to Lat’s family, who reported to us after visiting him on January 9, 2007, Lat has been suffering from internally damaged organs because of the severe torture he has received at the hands of the security police. Lat also reported the police repeatedly beat his body in attempts to damage his internal organs. At the present time, Lat’s wife, as well as others Degar prisoners’ wives, have become sick and have difficulties eating, drinking and sleeping from worry about their imprisoned family members. They keep seeing the disfigurement of their husbands’ face and bodies and believe their husbands will soon die because of the injuries they have sustained and that no medical care has been provided to them.