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CSW Calling for Prayer for Turkmenistan

2007-02-07 Turkmenistan (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) Turkmen elections are to be held on 11 February 2007 following the death of President Niyazov. President Niyazov’s legacy was one of religious oppression and human rights violations.
There are severe restrictions of religious groups and communities within Turkmenistan . Most religious groups were never granted official recognition and even those registered faced severe human rights violations. Such violations included the arrest of members, incidents of detention, torture, and harassment of families of members, and denial of a place to worship.
Running in the election will be six candidates who have promised allegiance to President Niyazov’s legacy. Opposition candidates have been detained, exiled, or barred from entering the country. It is reported that voters are threatened by security forces, being told to vote or lose their jobs.

Please pray:

– for the upcoming elections and the outcome. Pray that the elections will be free and fair and that the next president will uphold Turkmenistan ’s pledge for freedom of religion under its own constitution and international guarantees.

-for the release and medical care of Nurberdy Nurmamedov. Mr. Nurmamedov would have been the only independent running in the election. However, he was detained shortly after the announcement of the president’s death and has been severely beaten and remains under house arrest;

-for freedom of worship for the people of Turkmenistan .