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ICC Note: We have long said in newsletters and press releases that the reason for the rise in Islamic extremism (an increase in Muslim persecution of Christians) around the world is the Saudi/ Whahabi money and influence that is spread around the world to instill hate via schools, mosques, and maddrassas.
The story below outlines what is being taught at a Saudi funded school in the UK. The same education and much worse are provided by the Saudi’s all around the world. A Saudi school right outside of DC was caught teaching the same hate mongering.

UK : Pupils aged five ‘poisoned’ at Islamic school that ‘teaches hate’

2007-02-06 UK (Daily Mail) An Islamic school is poisoning the minds of pupils with lessons in hate, a former teacher claims.

Colin Cook, 57, says textbooks used by children as young as five at the King Fahad Academy in Acton describe Jews as “repugnant” and “apes” and Christians as “pigs”.

Pupils have allegedly been heard saying they want to “kill Americans”, praising 9/11 and idolizing Osama bin Laden as their “hero”.

There are fears that it could become a breeding ground for terrorists with Mr Cook warning: “The school could produce a dangerous harvest.”

Its sister school of the same name in Bonn has been singled out by the German intelligence services as a meeting place for activists linked to terrorism.

Mr Cook, a Muslim convert, taught English at the school for 19 years until he was sacked in December last year.

He claims he was fired after blowing the whistle on the school for covering up cheating by children in GCSE exams and is bringing a tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, race discrimination and victimization.

He also alleges that when he complained to school management about the content of the curriculum and questioned whether it complied with British laws, he was told: “This is not England . It is Saudi Arabia “.

The school denies all his allegations and claims he was rightly dismissed for misconduct. Opened in 1985 for the offspring of Saudi diplomats in London , it is named after the former Saudi king and funded by that country’s government.

In the past, parents have claimed that the school is teaching British children fundamentalist Islam while giving girls an inferior education.

Mr Cook’s lessons formed part of a British curriculum while a second Saudi curriculum was taught in Arabic. Mr Cooks claims that textbooks used on the Saudi curriculum, which are published by the Saudi government’s ministry of education, prove that the academy “is institutionally racist”.

He said: “The textbooks apparently state that the Jews are cursed. Pupils are asked to ‘ mention some repugnant characteristics of Jews’.”

Mr Cook said pupils are taught that religions including Christianity and Judaism are “worthless”. He said: “The teachers on the Saudi curriculum presumably either endorse this racist viewpoint or teach it without complaint.”