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Voice Of Christians Reaches Capitol Hill!
By Ken Joseph Jr.
2007-02-05 Iraq (Assist News Service) — “We have received thousands of telephone calls,” was the slightly bemused answer from a Congressional Staffer!
In a show of support for the beleaguered Assyrian Christians of Iraq and its original inhabitants, callers from throughout the world have phoned in and requested protection for them. In particular support for an Assyrian Province that will provide a zone of safety for the Assyrian Christians and other minorities in Iraq .

In what can only be termed a miraculous turn of events what had previously been a very divided response to the Assyrian Christians and other minorities in Iraq has taken a dramatic shift with all parties and both sides of the aisle agreeing that “local autonomy” is the only way forward for the survival of the country.

“We agree that Iraq must be allowed to reflect its heritage with a division of three or more areas. It is up to the Iraqis themselves to decide what those areas should be,” said a representative of Congressman Joseph Biden, the leading proponent of the natural division of Iraq .

” Iraq is an artificial creation which came out of the aftermath of World War II,” said former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in testimony before Congress, reflecting the view of the Administration that they do not want Iraq to be divided, but the movement has already become unstoppable.

“The Assyrian Christians and other minorities of Iraq are not leaving the country so much because of the danger. They are leaving because they see the clear signs of what they consider to be The Islamic Republic of Iraq and will not live under such a Government run by mullahs,” was the clear message from one Christian activist.

In response to this dramatic “brain drain” of over 500,000 of Iraq ‘s most needed citizens – the Assyrian Christians – the Iraqi Government has offered one Province to be set aside for the Assyrian People to administer without having to live under the harsh Islamic rule they all see coming.

The prayers, calls and faxes of concerned Christians from throughout the world are beginning to have an affect.

Moves are afloat to have similar resolutions passed in the European Union and the United Kingdom .

Christians worldwide are being asked to call and fax representatives.

The project known as ” Operation Assyrian Province ” is calling on the Church Worldwide to contact specific representatives who have expressed a desire to support the Christians of Iraq.

Callers are asked to call and say:

“Thank you for your support for the Assyrian Christians in Iraq . The Iraqi Government has offered a Province to the Assyrians and we believe with them that it will help protect our community as well as allow the nearly 500,000 who have left the country as refugees to return.

“Further we are urging in your contacts with the Iraqi Government to urge them to implement the protections for the Assyrian Christians as soon as possible beginning with the Assyrian Province on a private basis.”

Callers are urged to be gracious, kind and respectful when you call. Making sure you get the name of the person spoken to for future reference.

Each Senator and Congressman has been personally met with.

Assyrian Christians point to a passage in Isaiah as the basis for their claim on their homeland in Northern Iraq .

Isaiah 19:23-25