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Vietnam introduces religion white paper

ICC Note: Vietnam claims on paper that they guarantee religious freedom but the way they treat Christians is appalling.

2/2/07 Vietnam For full story go….(Peoples Daily Online) Vietnam Thursday launched its white paper on religion and policies regarding religion in the country with a population of over 83.1 million which currently houses over 20 million followers of six major religions.

The white paper includes three chapters: belief and religion, policies of the Vietnamese state on belief and religion, and external relations of religious organizations, Nguyen The Doanh, permanent vice chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs said at a press conference.

“The State of Vietnam consistently guarantees and respects its citizens’ right to freedom of belief and religion and the freedom of non-belief and non-religion,” he said, noting that the Ordinance on Belief and Religion has met the need for citizens’ guaranteed right, and the need for state governance of activities linked to them.