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Evangelists Beaten at Muslim Festival in Pakistan

ICC Note: Four evangelists were beaten for handing out tracts at a Muslim festival.

1/31/07 Pakistan (Voice of the Martyrs Canada) – A team of four Pakistani Christian evangelists associated with The Voice of the Martyrs was attacked and beaten at a Muslim festival in Pakpattan, Pakistan on Friday, January 26.

After handing out more than 13,000 Christian tracts, three of the evangelists were beaten by Islamic militants. They were then taken to the police station where they were detained and questioned before being released. The fourth evangelist, who was the team leader, was beaten by a mob of more than 100 Muslims. They dragged him through the crowd before taking him to the local police station. He is reportedly passing blood in his urine and stool as a result of his injuries.

Ask God to heal these four evangelists of their injuries. Pray that their passion for Christ will be the light that draws others to Jesus (Matthew 5:14-16). Pray that Christians in Pakistan will confidently entrust themselves to Christ so that they can preach the gospel without hesitation (2 Timothy 1:7-12).