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Prayers For North Korean Christians Making Impact
Assist News Service
1/30/07 North Korea (ANS) — Opens Doors’ North Korea Prayer Campaign is making an impact.
Below is part of a letter received by Open Doors from a believer inside North Korea :

“Hello. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to write to you. I would like to express my whole-hearted thanks (to you) for remembering and praying for people like us…”

According to an Open Doors co-worker, many people in the underground church in North Korea are aware of the international Open Doors prayer campaign. “The fact that other Christians know about them and pray for them gives them so much strength and hope,” he says. “On behalf of the suffering Christians, I ask you to continue to pray, because without prayer support they can’t spread the gospel, don’t find the strength to remain faithful and can’t spread Bibles. Without prayer the North Korean church can’t survive.”

Besides inside North Korea , the intercession of believers is making a difference outside North Korea . For the first time last spring, six North Korean refugees were granted asylum by the United States government.

Since Open Doors USA started the North Korea Prayer Campaign over a year ago, there have been over 563,720 minutes of prayer for North Korea , which is the equivalent to 9,395 hours which amounts to 391 days or 56 weeks – totaling over a year of prayer.

There are over 1,000 Christians in the U.S. signed up to pray for North Korean believers and many more through Open Doors offices in other countries such as Germany , France and the Netherlands . But more praying Christians are needed. North Korea continues to severely persecute Christians. The country has topped Open Doors’ World Watch List of countries where persecution of Christians is the worst for four straight years.

Open Doors USA President/CEO Dr. Carl Moeller says: “Christians in the West are beginning to understand how crucial it is to support and strengthen our brothers and sisters in North Korea . There is a lot of momentum now and we need to continue to unite in consistent prayer for North Korea .”

To register for the North Korea Prayer Campaign, go to You will be asked to sign up and pick a weekly 10-minute time frame when you can lift up North Korean Christians in prayer. You will also receive a weekly email update of the current prayer requests.

Open Doors USA in partnership with the North Korea Freedom Coalition is sponsoring North Korea Freedom Week April 22-29. More information how you, your small group or church can become involved will be posted on the Open Doors USA website in the future.