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Pastors and Believers Beaten, Arrested During Prayer Meeting in Karnataka, India

ICC Note:
This is another in a flood of stories regarding pastors being beaten in India. Hindu extremists continue to use the false excuse that Christians attempt to forcibly convert people to Christianity.

The Voice of the Martyrs Canada (1/24/07) – Two pastors and two female Christians were beaten and arrested during a prayer meeting in the village of Gokul, Karnataka on January 19, according to a January 19 report from the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC).

Pastor Raj Shekhar and Pastor Raja Naik were attending the meeting when members of a Hindu militant organization gathered around the house. The militants accused the believers of forcible conversion, beat the four Christians and called the police. After the police forced the worship service to an end, they took the four Christians to the police station. Pastor Naik was later released but Pastor Shekhar and the two women are still being detained.

Pray for the release of the three who are detained. Ask God to heal those who have been injured. Pray that those who falsely accuse Christians in India of forcible conversion will see that the message they bring is one of a free gift, not coercion, and respond to God’s grace (Ephesians 2:8-9).