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ICC Note: We have been keeping an eye on Thailand for a while as these attacks have been happening. Thailand has been one of the targets in SE Asia of the international radiclal Islamic set as they try to establish bases to overthrow countries and make them Islamic. Wherever the Islamic crazies go, persecution follows. Right now it’s the Buddhists, tomorrow the Christians.
One beheaded, two killed in Thai Muslim south

YALA, Thailand (Reuters) – Suspected Muslim militants beheaded a Buddhist man and shot dead two civilians in southern Thailand on Sunday as an uprising shows no signs of abating.

The head of the 40-year-old farmer was found next to his body and that of his 35-year-old wife at the entrance of their rubber plantation in Yala province, police said.

Both had been shot and a handwritten note next to the bodies said, “We shall kill all Thai Buddhists,” they said.

In the same province, a 74-year-old man was shot dead while riding his motorcycle, police said. Two teenagers, also on a motorcycle, had shot the man.

On Saturday, suspected militants shot dead police Sergeant-Major Pak Petmalai, 47, as he headed for work at a station near his home.

Militants in Thailand ‘s Muslim-majority three southern provinces, a Muslim sultanate until Bangkok annexed the region a century ago, never claim responsibility for attacks, nor have they set out their aims.

More than 1,900 people have been killed in three years of violence in the south and peace efforts by the country’s new military rulers have had little impact in curbing the unrest.