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Christian Service Raided in Henan Province

ICC Note: Another attack on Christian in China as they attempt to worship God.

1/15/07 China For Full story go to (CAA) — CAA has learned that on January 6, 2007 the local police from Yongfeng township police station in Xiuwu county, Henan province, raided a Christian gathering held in Chencun village. 11 Christians were taken to the police station; only 2 of them were released the next day.

According to the eyewitness, the event happened at 4 PM January 6, 2007, when 14 Christians gathered in a house in Chencun village. The police broke into and proclaimed the gathering a cultic activity and illegal gathering.

11 Christians were brought to Huifeng township police station for interrogation. The police released 2 Christians the next day, the rest are still in detention.

The names of some of the Christians in detention are:

Ju Xiang, female, 48 years old;

Liu Xiaoduo, female, 42 years old;

Wang Sheqin, female, 40 years old;

Fu Juyi, female, 36 years old;

Hong Xia, female, 37 years old;

Xue Xianghuo, Male, 49 years old;

Xue Xiaona, Male, 34 years old

CAA has been providing legal and financial help to the Christians in detention, and appeal to the local police to release the Christians immediately.