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Persecution soars in Iraq

(Insprie Magazine) As violence continues to spiral out of control in Iraq following the execution of Saddam Hussein, the country has been named as one of the worst places in the world for Christian persecution.
While international attention has focused on hostilities between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, attacks on Christians have risen over the last few months. This gives Iraq a leading position in the so-called ‘Hall of Shame’ of the world’s worst persecutors, according to human rights group, International Christian Concern.
The organization ranks North Korea as the world’s worst offender.
Meanwhile, Church leaders in Iraq are considering drastic measures to stop Christians leaving their beleaguered country.
Attacks on churches and pastors have resulted in tens of thousands from the Christian community fleeing their homeland since the war began.
Plans include a separate state for Christians and other minorities, or for Christians to live in an autonomous area in Iraq ’s Kurdish region.
Many observers believe a separate enclave for Christians is the now only way to save the Church in Iraq .