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ICC NOTE: Pray for the partner, highlighted below who has virtually disappeared because of loss of contact. Many Christian groups were kicked out this past year, and countless Eritrean Christians were arrested.

Troubles in Africa ‘s Horn severs contact with Christian project.


4 January, 2007


Eritrea (MNN) — Eritrea ‘s government is blaming the United States for fueling troubles in the Horn of Africa. Military action in Somalia ended with the defeat of hardline Islamist forces supported by Eritrea .

In all the chaos, International Needs Network’s Rody Rodeheaver says they lost contact with their project partner in Eritrea . “It has been very hard for us to get any information out of the country and we’re hoping that in the next few days, we’ll be able to hear something. But over the last several weeks, we have not been able to get adequate information. So, we’re concerned about what’s going on there.”

The orphanage IN Network supports is located about 40 miles from Eritrea ‘s capital. Rodeheaver says their staff had been ministering despite heavy oppression, adding to concerns over sudden silence. “Pray for the church in Eritrea . We’re just praying that our children that we’re sponsoring are okay and they’re safe. That eventually, things of this region will settle down.”

The Bethel orphanage provides total care, which includes shelter, food, clothing, and a quality education along with learning the word of God. At present, the facility has 100 boys in residence and 200 children are on the meal/schooling program.