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Nazareth Christians Fear Muslim Intimidation

(Israel National News) Nazareth Christians fear their Galilee town will suffer the same fate as Bethlehem , where Muslims dominate the once-Christian city and have used churches as terrorist hideouts.
Thousands of supporters of the dominant Islamic Movement paraded on Nazareth ‘s streets Sunday, shouting “Islam is the only truth,” WorldNetDaily reported. The parade was on the day of the non-Jewish new year for Christians and coincided with the Muslim Eid ul-Adha festival, which celebrates the test of Abraham to sacrifice his son. Muslims claim that actually it was Ishmael who was bound on the altar by Abraham, although the Bible states that it was Isaac.
WorldNetDaily quoted “Saleem,” a local Christian, that the parade is one of “the methods used by the Muslims in very obvious ways to create an atmosphere where the Christians should know the Muslims are the main power and we are not welcome anymore.” Nazareth ‘s formerly large Christian population has dwindled from more than 50 percent of the city to 37 percent.