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ICC Note: The sentence for these Christians is unjust!

Eight Zhejiang House Church Christians Sentenced;
12/22/06 China (CAA) CAA learns that after almost 12-hour marathon pre-Christmas trial on
December 22, 2006(Beijing Time), 8 House Church Christians in Zhejiang were
quickly sentenced from 3 and half years to one year in prison by the People’s
Court of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou city. The trial started at 8:30am and
ended at 9pm. The verdict is clearly prepared by the government in advance
before the actual trial started. During the trial, the 75-year-old Elder Shen
Chengyi fell on the ground in the court and lost consciousness. He was sent to
the hospital for emergent treatment. Pastor Shen Zhuke(Elder Shen’s daughter)
received 3 and half years sentence; pastor Wang Weiliang, three years; brother
Feng Guangliang, two years and brother Luo Bingliang, one year. The other four
including elder Shen Chengyi, brother Ni Weimin, brother Shen Jianjian, brother
Guo Lijun were sentenced to imprisonment from 1 to 3 years but postpone to
carry out. So they are likely to be released.
Meanwhile, in another prominent case, the Beijing Intermediate Court
sentenced the well-known Christian human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng for three
years but postpone to carry out for 5 years. Gao was arrested on August 18 this
year for his human rights advocacy work.
“Though today’s sentence against the
faithful is less heavy than expected because of the international pressure, yet
it is not acceptable, “said Bob Fu, “the international community should urge
the Chinese government to release those innocent House Church
believers immediately.”

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