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ICC NOTE: The allegations claim that Egyptian authorities during interrogations used torture tactics such as electric shock and beatings.

Man deported to Egypt tortured, CTV reports

The Toronto Star

December 20, 2006

Immigration Minister Monte Solberg says his department is looking into allegations an Egyptian man denied refugee status in Canada was tortured after being deported to his homeland, CTV News reported Wednesday.

“Anytime these kinds of allegations are made and people produce evidence, obviously we take it very seriously,” Solberg told CTV. “My department is looking at it and we are gathering the facts.”

“Obviously, if we find there are grounds to it, we will take appropriate action,” he added, though he declined to discuss what those actions might be.

The man, a Christian from Egypt whose name was withheld in the CTV report, came to Canada in 2002 seeking asylum.

CTV News reported he made a refugee claim, alleging he was persecuted in his home country, but was deported in September.

CTV News broadcast photographs and videotape, allegedly of the same man, which show fresh injuries on his back.

CTV reported he claims the injuries were inflicted by Egyptian authorities during interrogations in which he was shocked, doused with water and beaten.

“No one is persecuted,” Egypt ‘s ambassador to Canada told CTV from Ottawa .

“Officially, discrimination is absolutely unacceptable,” Mahmoud El-Saheed said, after viewing the tape. “Torture is a very serious crime, which no one condones.”